Monday, May 4, 2009


Oh my God..........................we saw Cher tonight, and to quote Rex,"from the first moment I saw her, I knew it was going to be unforgettable". And believe me he was right on the money!

We took the above pictures when we bought the tickets. That was a very good thing because you absolutely cannot take any cameras into the concert. (Those people with cell phones that take pictures are definitely a gray area). In fact the entrance is like an airport security area where you put your bags on a ??? and they scan it. Good thing a lady at work warned us about the camera!
Cher first makes her appearance on a "flying saucer" looking contraption that is about 40 feet in the air and enters from the right.....she sings as she is transported to center stage where she is met by two guys dressed as centurions from Caesar's Palace Colosseum. Her costume is as expected, outrageous and and glitter with an unbelievable head dress. Pure Bob case you are wondering--Bob Mackie is alive and well and still dressing Cher.
Right after her opening song she does a little dialogue..and I love the fact that she swears. Apparently words such as bullshit and God damn are not foreign to her.
Cher does not spend the entire time onstage, I mean really, how would she be able to change into all of those fabulous costumes if she were there all of the time. There is ample time for acrobatics and dance numbers performed by various cast members. A lot of it is very sensual and very enjoyable to watch.
Another couple of other techniques to entertain while she is changing is to use old clips from her TV shows with Sonny, her movies, and collages of her various costumes. The costumes are all memorable and you would recognize them all. What a varied and long career this very talented woman has had.
The show ended with her entering the stage, again from 40 feet in the air, in a silver seat in a silver circle within a larger silver circle, dressed in silver much as she was dressed in gold for her opening number. What a showman this woman it!!
What got me interested in going to this concert in the first place was watching a biography of her and Sonny on the biography station. I was mesmerized by the shows and decided I wanted to go.
And quite frankly, it was worth the every penny I spent to see her!!
Now home to Wisconsin !!!