Tuesday, June 30, 2009

By Susie-Q

cat 007

Let me introduce myself and tell you a little about me.  I’m Susie-Q the newest member of the Happy Campers crew.

I was born on April 23, 2009 and enjoyed my littermates and the first eight weeks of life with momma. Life was good!

At eight weeks old and after just getting used to dry cat food, I, and my litter mates, were taken to the dog pound in Henderson, NV a suburb of Las Vegas.

Immediately after being “Dumped” at Animal Control, we were inspected and prepped for major surgery!!  Having your belly sliced open and your Sex life permanently removed is not the way to start your day!!!

The next day we were displayed in a hallway cage and my brothers and sisters started disappearing? By the time The Happy Campers arrived after Cocktails, there was only my sister and I. We were as identical as casino dice.

My sister was removed from the cage and handed to Rex.  She did a great job of purring and acting lovable, plotting her escape from the dog pound.

I mentioned that our cage was in the hallway, and thru the door was a huge room full of adult cats awaiting adoption and escape, or death.  Trust me when I say, that every cat in that room had that lovable, “Take me home” smile and glazed over eyes, that said, “Get me the fu*k out of here”!!

My sister was returned to the cage, and Mary left to do the paperwork, saying to Rex, “You choose which one”. Rex simply said to the lady, “Give me the biggest one”. As the cage door opened I jumped into the lady’s hands and was presented to Rex.  As I said before, we are as identical as casino dice, and today was my lucky roll!

The paperwork involved registering my new phone number to the micro chip imbedded under my skin.  The $55 adoption fee included all the shots , micro chip, and surgery to date. Mary was given a gift certificate for my rabies shot and another booster for my cat shots at 13 weeks old for free, although I am pretty sure Rex and Mary will take a large bag of cat food to donate.

Rex wisely bought a cardboard box pet carrier for $5 and it was out the door to freedom!!

My first stop in the outside world was Heaven. Although I was trapped in this box, I could see out the little holes as we walked the isles at Petco.  Look at all those cat toys, scratching posts, food, bowls, beds, and everything.

Another $60 spent on me, and I was returned to the backseat of the hot car for a two hour trip across the desert to Oatman, AZ.  I wisely curled up in my box and listened intently to The Happy Campers plan and discuss my future in the RV.


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