Friday, August 21, 2009

Leisure Time

By Susie-Q

I’ve been too busy laying around, tormenting Rex, patrolling for mice, and enjoying the easy RV lifestyle to Blog, but I’m still here and have avoided becoming “Coyote Bait”.

Recently I spent 53 hours home alone as the Happy Campers were off to Las Vegas to party with family. I got to admit, I prefer staying home alone to being in my Cat Garage, and getting anywhere near the Henderson Dog Pound, but I really miss the Happy Campers when they’re gone that long.

I know that Mary really misses me as well. Look at what I found on her foot after she came home from Vegas.

aim vegas 008

It’s my paw print tattooed on her foot!

Check out my growing collection of toys.

 cat toys 001

Of course my favorite toy is still an old brown shoestring out of Rex’s tennis shoes.  If Rex isn’t tying me up in it, I just roll and tie myself up.

This is my feathers on a stick.  It’s firmly duct taped to the top of the big fan, and when the fan is turned on it dances like crazy.  I attack it from the top and the bottom.

cat toys 006

This is my own personal hook.  On it are stored a green cable leash, harness, and my own comb. 

cat toys 019

It’s right next to Mary’s desk and when we’re watching TV she combs out the black hair on my back.  My own salon service!

If you’ve read this far in today’s Blog you must be a true cat lover……

I really need some help…….

This mysterious Red dot appears out of nowhere.

cat toys 011

There it is just to the left of my head.  It moves across the doors, walls, and floors.  I give chase, trying my hardest to capture the Damn thing, but it just disappears and shows up somewhere else.  The Red dot of light annoys me, follows me, runs me ragged crashing into walls and doors.

I googled it on the Internet and all that came up was was “laser light”? 

Please Help Me…….


Anonymous said...

whats up with the ink??? no way you got that tattoo...but if i did I LIKE IT:)