Saturday, October 31, 2009

Belizian Artwork

 We have found some incredible artwork on the island.  Here’s some of our favorites.
art 002
 If you look at this one long enough, it takes on a 3D affect.  And I absolutely love the orange.

art 003
 A couple of island beach scenes, too bad the lighting isn’t great.

art 004
I love the peaceful, happy scene in this painting by a local artist Cooper.

art 007-1
 Not sure but I think this is painted on a dried leaf of some sort.  Didn’t think to ask anyone.

art 009
 The beautiful marine life inspires everyone-this painting was done by our landlady, Sally and I think it’s great!

art 010
 Another island beach scene.
art 014
 Beautiful pottery is also on hand……

art 015
as are shells.

The best thing about this artwork----it’s all here in Canuck Cottage and I have been enjoying it daily for over a week!