Saturday, December 1, 2012

New Computer

By Uncle Hans

I just bought a new computer and printer. Decided to go to Walmart and save some money.

The "Associate" there did not seem to know his stuff very well, supplying me with minimal help. Then, when I got home and all through setting it up and fed the printer software into the computer, it would not work. Both were Hewlett Packard, too!  After reading the printer book a little, I found that it was not compatible with Windows 8, which is the operating system to my new HP computer! Piss me off! What is worse, Windows 8 is awkward as hell. It is like sliding into the driver's seat of your new car and finding:

* No steering wheel, a joystick

* Radio controls hidden in a compartment on the ceiling

* Shifter is a series of toggle switches

* Windows don't open, they just evaporate, and the button to get them back is nowhere to be found

* There is no owner's manual

Well, you kinda get the idea.

(Oh, yeah, you tore the wrapper and box off the car so you can't return it)

And you just barely get home as there are no blinkers you can find (find out later it "senses" which way you usually turn and turns the correct blinker on automatically) But you have entered your own address wrong and the GPS can't find your house. You try to turn into the driveway as you go by for the third time and it shuts the car off, flashing "security alert, you have an alien virus!"

I guess the software is to be compatible with all the new devices, like cell phones, tablets, notebooks, etc, but it is radically different from what we are used to. No toolbar can be found, not even a refresh button that I can find not intuitive at all! You know how you can jump onto any computer and basically figure out how to get around?

Not any more!

So. I hope I have solved my problem by ordering a $44 copy of XP on the internet off Amazon (back to the future!?). In addition to the $714 I already have invested. I hope it works.

Stay tuned

Uncle Hans


Sam&Donna Weibel said...

Put Windows 7 in it if you want to backgrade it ,not XP that's two steps back and doesn't repair its glitches like Windows 7 does.Better yet find a techie who can install driver s for your printer in windows 8 and go to the classic screen you will be able to figure it out from there. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

Upriverdavid said...

Hi, I enjoy your family's site..You may want to check with Retired Rod and Rick and Paulettes R.V. travels..They have helped me and they suggested M.S.E. for security, it has worked for me, and it's FREE!..I like free..