Monday, September 9, 2013

Here Kitty, Kitty, Kitty

 I am not a pet person.  Growing up on a farm meant that there was a lot of animals around, but they were all outside.    I never thought about indoor animals.

I knew that Rex had had indoor pets in the past, mostly dogs but they did have a cat also.

Now fast forward to 4 years ago when we  were camped at a house construction site for the summer.  Unfortunately, mice decided that our camper looked pretty darn inviting, also unfortunately, I am the stereotypical screaming woman on the table top  when it comes to mice.  I find that fact aggravating because I am not afraid of most critters.  Anyone remember when we had a snake in the camper (at that same construction site) and  I took a picture of it before trying to get it outside???  So why do mice freak me out??

Anyway, Rex cleverly used the mice to sneak a cat into our lives……  



park 008

 Here she is (she’s the one without a silver head), our black beauty, Susie.


ic 001

 A slightly better picture of Susie.  Actually I am thrilled to have a reason to put Susie on the blog because I think people don’t realize we have 2 cats.  Rex is obviously biased toward AZ so AZ appears on the blog regularly.  In fact I  said I was going to take of picture of Susie with a dated newspaper so people realized she was still alive but I couldn’t get her to hold still long enough on my lap with the newspaper.  She is skittish and not a ham like AZ.


ic 002

 Speaking of AZ, here he is - - photogenic as usual.  I am very glad we got AZ now but I was not really sold on the idea at first.  Now that we have 2 cats, I realize how much his presence has helped Susie.  Since he came to live with us, she has become more active and social, although she still hides when someone strange comes into our home.  Somehow 1 cat became 2 and


 then they just seem to come in pairs….


 or colors…..


 or pairs and colors…..


 These are just so damn cute I had to show another picture of them.



I sure am glad Rex takes care of the litter and feeding chores for Susie and AZ.  I feel comfortable taking care of the other cats…..all they need is dusting!  That’s a division of labor I can live with.

I guess maybe I am a pet person after all.