Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Be Careful….Very Careful

I’ve mentioned once or twice how much I like Trader Joe’s.  A stop at Trader Joe’s is the carrot Rex uses to get me to look forward to going to Vegas.  Otherwise I am not that much of a Vegas fan. 

Trader Joe’s puts out a publication called Fearless Flyer in which they feature various items on their shelves.  These items are not “sale” items because they never have sales.  The philosophy behind their store is they offer the best prices they can each and every day… no “sale” items.

Anyway when we first get to Trader Joe’s Rex always heads for the Fearless Flyer and looks it over.  A few months ago he found an item that interested him called Cookie Butter.


The label reads “Speculoos Cookie Butter”, a deliciously unusual spread reminiscent of gingerbread and made with crushed biscuits.  All you have to do is taste it to understand!

Since the first time we bought it,   it has been on our list every time we go.  So a couple of weeks ago when we went to Vegas to have the car serviced, I looked for the Cookie Butter.  What, NONE on the shelf…..sorry Rex you are out of luck.  Then just by chance I head someone else ask one of the employees about the Cookie Butter and he was told it was at the customer service counter.  How come I wondered as I headed for the customer service counter.

And the reason is:  The stuff sells out EVERY DAY so they limit people to two jars.  WOW!  That is how addictive it is…so be careful if you try it!!