Friday, May 1, 2015


By Uncle Hans

Recently spent a weekend in Madison for the Wisconsin State Medical Society annual convention.  Had a great time.  The first picture is the Foundation banquet, a fundraiser for mostly, loans to medical students, on Friday night.  $125 per plate and a silent auction, etc.  Made the Foundation about $100,000 in one night.  The silent auction was done by smart cell




......the rest of the time se looked around Madison.  Renee had never been there.  It is beautiful even with no leaves on the trees.  the capitol is reputed to be the most beautiful of all 50 states.........





.....this is a selfie in front of the Irish Pub we ate at on the square.  The last is a view from our hotel, the Hilton, which is attached to the Civic Center via skyway.  It is called the Monona Terrace, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1938, but not finished until 1997.   It is really cool as well...................





....................we did State Street and a concert by the UW male acappella  competition group which won big awards nationally.  This was their warm up band.  The concert was 2 hours and we never thought about leaving, only what spectacular thing can they do next?


Madison has rental community bicycles, like Seattle.


  But ONLY in Madison will you find a portable, outdoor bar that the patrons have to pedal while they drink!


       Proof that Cheeseheads and beer are a dangerous combination (but we have known that for years!!


................We would go back.  In fact we are going to the convention next year (our county society, of which I am the President, is "politically active" or "rabble-rousers"), but they usually move it around to different cities so we will report back then......


By Uncle Hans