Sunday, August 11, 2019


Last week we crossed off something from our bucket list.  We went to the Lincoln Museum and Presidential Library in Springfield, IL.

This is the only home that Abe and Mary Lincoln ever owned.  They lived in it for 17 years.  A two block section is preserved so you get a real feel of the neighborhood they lived in.

 We also visited the tomb where they are buried.  It is customary to rub Lincoln's nose.  As you can see, his nose is pretty shiny!

This is a shot of the outside of his tomb.  It is very impressive.

The headstone of where he is buried.  

 This is a the presidential family when they were in the White House.  They had already lost one of their four sons at this time.

This statue is amazing and Abe/s hat is actually taller than the building entrance.  This is the entrance to the museum.

A bonus in Springfield is the Dana-Thomas House.  One of the largest home ever designed and built by Frank Lloyd Wright.  It is breathtaking and worth touring.

Of course, since we were so close we decided to stop in Le Claire IA. to check out Antique Archaeology.  We were disappointed, it seems to be mostly a souvenir shop for expensive t-shirts and key chains!  But I do have to say the little town of Le Claire was delightful.  Very clean and pretty.