Monday, November 20, 2006


By Mary
Custom Smiley We are definitely back at work....we were so happy we each got five days on the now we have SIX!! It is a holiday week, I guess, but only one day off sucks. I have a long "to do" list for my one day, (which is tomorrow) including a trip to the library, grocery store, mall, laundry, and other odds and ends around the camper. Actually much too much for one day!!

The weather continues to be the 80s, but rumor has it that starting tomorrow temps will drop into the 70s and into the 60s by the end of the week. I know..sounds rough doesn't it?

Rex was a busy boy today, taking a lot of pictures off the web site. I hope he plans to start working on new web pages, I know we have some that could go up.

I call the PDC hospital for daily updates on my Mother. She continues to do well and is actually walking around as long as she has someone with her. She also seems to be making more sense so that is really good news. It is so hard for hospital staff to communicate with her as she is VERY hard of hearing even with her hearing aids in. I am just very thankful she is doing better.

I did get my herb garden going again for the winter so I will be able to make my own pizza sauce again. It just tastes so much fresher than store bought. I am getting so spoiled!! I also got some flowers....someday maybe I will have a garden again. Don't know where but maybe someday.