Tuesday, July 29, 2008

This and That

Wow, I haven't blogged here in quite a while. I have been busy blogging on the recipes to eat blog. Like most blogs it is pretty time consuming, but if you have been following this blog, you are aware that we have not been getting a lot of hours at work so that leaves more time to pursue other interests. That is about the best spin I can put on our lack of hours!!

Chad will be here on Saturday, we are planning to pick him up at the Reno airport. That will give him the opportunity to see Reno this trip. He didn't get to explore Reno when he was here last year. Our agenda will also include a trip to Placerville and a winery tour. Placerville also has a brewery so, because Chad works in one, we will be going there too.

Gas has actually gone down 30 cents a gallon in Lake Tahoe, now its at $4.35. Hard to be grateful when you are still paying these outrageous prices. The lowest gas price I can remember in all the years I have been driving is 26.9 CENTS a gallon. When I got my Honda in 2002, I started keeping a notebook in which I log every gas purchase. The first tank of gas I bought for my Honda was $1.20
per gallon. That was only 6 years ago......

August starts on Friday and it is a busy month with birthday's. There are five of them-Heather, Joey, Paul, Daniel, and Alan. Guess I'd better get shopping for cards, I really try hard to make sure everyone gets a card on their birthday.

I have been enjoying Sunday nights this summer. First there was the competition on the Food Network for the new Food Network Star. I did blog about that competition on the recipes to eat blog. It is over now but I really did have a good time watching it. Also on Sunday nights, I have been watching the Design Star Competition on HGTV. I know these programs are not everyone's "cup of tea", but I really like them. Oh and if you think of it, you can go online to www.hgtv.com and vote for your Design Star favorite....vote for Jennifer!! Then tune in Sunday night and see who wins.

Guess that is enough of "this and that" for today!!