Monday, September 22, 2008

West Grant High School Class Reunion

Wow…..40 years later!!!!! Last night we had my 40th class reunion. It is unbelievable how fast 40 years goes by. In this small area of Southwest Wisconsin, our graduating class has 35 people in it. Only 14 (plus one) were able to attend.

I guess we have all changed a lot and if I could find a group picture from 40 years ago, I would have put it up on here also.

The lady on the left is Rhonda and she is the hard working person that put most of the reunion together. The other lady is my good friend Linda.

This is a picture of Linda and me. Linda and I have been friends since we have been 6 years old. So that must be 52 years…WOW..these numbers are getting scary!! And even more amazing we have maintained that friendship all of these years.