Thursday, February 26, 2009

Texas de Brazil

On our trip to Vegas we let Paulie pick the place for lunch. He had been to Texas de Brazil before and said it was a unique dining experience....with billing like that how could we resist??

This is Paulie and me checking out the reservation desk in the front.

The whole basis of this dining experience is receiving your meat...and let me tell you if you aren't into meat, don't bother coming here. All of the meat comes on these skewers that the server slides off onto your plate....

or you grab with a pair of tongs located by your place setting. This is flank steak and in the other picture it was Parmesan crusted pork. They also have sirloin, sausages, and chicken legs which were served this way.

In addition to meat, there is a fantastic salad bar. While we were there I was not aware that I would be writing the blog about this restaurant or we would have pictures of the salad bar that had artichoke hearts, roasted beets, bok choy, mushrooms with garlic cloves, grilled cheese, roasted red peppers, roasted tomatoes, fixins for Cesear Salad, garlic bread, a wonderful grape salad, taboule, roasted green beans, and that is all I can think of now. There was also lobster bisque and au gratin potatoes. Now does this sound like a diet meal to you??? Well it wasn' was time to check your diet at the door!!


Laura said...

That looks fantastic! I want to go there next time we're in vegas!! :)

saucersrus said...

I'm drooling!!!