Saturday, December 26, 2009

Thank You Susie Q

Susie Q loves to walk around on my desk.

12-25-09 002

This is my desk top…..(the wine glass is not there on a daily basis).  Susie really likes to walk around on it because of the windows.  The other day she was walking around on my desk and went across my laptop keyboard-which I strongly try to discourage her from doing.  Sometimes I am successful and sometimes I’m not.  Anyway after her prance across my keyboard I ended up with this---

12-25-09 001

See that cute little calendar date in the corner of my screen?  I love it, I am always wondering what day it is and if I click on it I can see the whole month!!  How cool is that??

Anyway Susie, I have no idea which key you hit to get this on my laptop screen but I really like it.

Thank you Susie Q!!  It was the a really nice Christmas gift.

P.S.  Did anyone read the comments on the blog about the grocery carts?  Someone used the word-anencephaly in their comment.  Since I was not familiar with that word and I love words, I looked it up.  It means “congenital absence of all or a major part of the brain”.  Just a FYI tidbit.