Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Paper or Plastic?

Paper or plastic?  Do they even ask anymore?  The places I frequent only have plastic these days, except for Trader Joe’s.  They have paper bags.
All retailers have their own reusable bags these days…..for a price, of course.

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As you can see, I have plenty of reusable bags.  I used them almost exclusively for a while.  That would be the length of time it took me to run out of plastic bags and wonder what in the hell I was going to line my wastebasket with.  Oh yeah I can purchase plastic bags to line my wastebasket with-but, but what does that solve?  I am right back to using plastic bags for garbage.

No one, as far as I know, has come up with something to use in your wastebasket besides plastic bags.  So why  bother with reusable grocery sacks?  I don’t think that solves the problem of what to do with your garbage.  Any thoughts??