Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Best Part of Sunday’s Game

We have friends  from Wisconsin that have been in the same RV park we stay at.  We have been friends with them for several years and usually spend game day at Spirit Mountain watching the Packers.

They are both x-ray techs for pipeline companies so they have worked all over the country.  This year they decided to buy a house here so for the game we were invited to their new house.  Very nice!!

dawn 001

Meatballs and were they yummy!!

dawn 010

Bratwurst and kraut in crescent rolls!

dawn 002


Quite a spread we had!

We stopped at the store on our way to the game, Rex checked to see if they still had limburger cheese.  He wasn’t going to get any until I mentioned that Dawn likes it too.  They funny part of that story is that Dawn bought some  because she knew Rex likes it. Don’t know how we missed a picture of that.  I don’t know why we didn’t take any pictures of their house and beautiful pool and hot tub either. 

Too busy watching the game and eating I guess.  But at least the right team won!!  Can’t hardly believe the Packers are Super Bowl bound!

rass 017