Monday, April 11, 2011

Motorcycle Windshield

By Uncle Hans

The weather is ever nicer and it is time to spruce up the motorcycles for the season.  The windshield on this one is cracked and frayed.  It looks pretty good in this picture but it's time for a new one.  The paint on the W-shaped bracket is chipped from colliding with many bugs.  So that is today's project.........


The gouges out of the side are from a drag-racing accident I had with my neighbor, John.  He lost control and crashed into me as we left the starting line.  Luckily, we were going slow at the time.  The other fracture was when the bike "fell over" all by itself in front of a bar in East Dubuque, late one night that Rex remembers.  I think some local helped it fall over............



.......the old one is removed with the bracket..............


  the bracket is sanded and cleaned up ready for new paint..............


.....the new paint is added, with a coat of clear lacquer this time to slow the chipping from the bugs..........

2011-03-27_14-45-31_711 is the finished product.  The new windshield, from California Scientific, for $185 has new venting which is supposed to make it more effective as a windscreen and quieter.  Time will tell.  Maybe then I can hear my stereo, in which I have invested over $1,000 and I can't hear it.  And this bike is a fairly quiet Japanese bike.  How do they have stereos of Harleys?


uncle hans By Uncle Hans