Monday, July 4, 2011

Timothy E. Wilkinson

September 12, 1959-July 4, 2011 

My nephew Tim passed away this morning.  He had Creutzfeldt Jakob Disease or CJD for short.  This disease was diagnosed less than a month ago.  If you have any interest you can google CJD to see what it is all about.

Tim is the first baby I remember.  I used to take  care of him and  his brother all the time when they were little.  It was easy, they were on the farm next to ours. 

Tim was a life long farmer, in fact he operated the farm that grew I up on.  He had a wife, one daughter, and two grand daughters. 

You know, if he had died of cancer or in a car accident or some means of death we are familiar with it would be easier to accept and understand.  But CJD, which is practically unheard of, is just too, too bizarre.  Especially since there are NO answers as to how he got it.

Tim, you will be missed and you are gone way too soon. 


mikey said...

sorry for your lost Mary

Anonymous said...

I just saw this Mary. This is Bobbie Jo. We miss him every day! And, as you said, it is hard to come to grips with the how and why. They say it is "sporadic" and it happens to 1 in a million. Clearly, we may not ever know why but we do know that he was a 1 in a million kind of guy :)