Saturday, October 15, 2011


susie 013 (2) 

By Susie-Q

Thankfully the Happy Campers arrived home today, and after my regular couple of hours pout, I warmed right up to them and welcomed them home. They  are busy unloading, unpacking, checking the mail, putting things away, and are just too busy to Blog, so I thought I’d write a quick blog to let you all know they arrived safely home from their Wisconsin road trip. Like the rest of you I’ve been reading the blog about the new spotted kitten. 

I took a little peek at the new kitten, but I’ve had a couple of weeks to think it over and make a plan.

First, let’s talk about the name Rex gave the new kitten. AZ, really? Initials for a name? I’ll give you initials for a name , Rex, how about DBK? DBK, Dirt Bag Kitten, just look at all those dirty spots!

Now for my plan, I know they are keeping DBK out on the porch and me inside, we’re separated by the screen door until we become friendly.  Not a bad plan, Rex, but I’m not going anywhere near that screen door.

Maybe tomorrow, or maybe Halloween.  Hell, I may wait until Christmas, let DBK live out on the cold porch……


Rod Ivers said...

I am willing to bet that once the two kitties get over the introduction period, they will become good playmates. They will chase each other all over the trailer and drive you folks nuts. And that should be fun.......