Monday, November 28, 2011

Family Treasures

  A couple of months ago when we were in Green Bay, Kathy was kind enough to give us some knick-knack type stuff Jean had in her condo.


old 011

 This is a candle holder, but since I didn’t have any of the very, long, slender candles it holds I put some of my rocks and desert critters on it.  I don’t know for sure, but it is possible this candle holder was made by Rex’s maternal grandmother.  I do know that the crocheted portion of the doily was done by Jean.  I sure wish I knew how to starch it… would look great starched.



old 004

 This silver object was really, really tarnished.  I have been working on it quite a bit and still don’t have it completely polished.  Another of Jean’s doilies.

old 005

My neighbor asked me what this silver object was for…..while I really have no idea but this is what I came up with.

You put ice in the bottom of the round part and butter on the glass dish.  Keeps it cold.  Does anyone know what it is really for??