Wednesday, February 1, 2012


By Uncle Hans

The winter weather affords us a lot of adventures.  Here we are in the middle of Indiana last weekend.  Also in the middle of a sudden 9 inches of snow..........


...........We had driven for for 10 hours, picked up our "mission purpose", and started back.  Just outside of Chicago, on the Indiana side, we gave up and found a motel.  The crew looks pretty tired and dejected for Rechsteiners in a bar.............


......the "mission purpose"?  A 2003 Rialta!  You will remember I owned one years back and ran the wheels off of it.  It actually died of overload abuse.  Our driving trip to Florida convinced us that driving might be better than flying in some instances.  Now, if the trip could be made more comfortable?....................




  .......It is comfortable.  but TINY.  Up front are two recliners that swivel into living space when you get there.  The galley is larger than the last with three burner stove and microwave........


2012-01-29-18.09.08 has a third recliner and this cute little fold-up table between two of the chairs as a "dinette"............



.........larger, more formal dinners can be served at the table in the back  (table is missing from this picture) which opens into a double bed.....


....the refrigerator is about three times the size of the old one and has a freezer.  12v/110/LP, of course!..


    ...........the bath is the same bizarre setup as the old one.  Like an internal "slide-out" it opens to toilet, sink and shower all in the same unit.  If you get bored while driving, you can take a shower.  The 4 gallon (not a typo, 4 gallon) water heater is 110v, but also extracts heat from the engine coolant while you drive........... 


.....this is the bed.


       The whole thing fits into a vehicle 20 feet long, a touch longer than a suburban, and 7'6" wide, meaning it will fit into most parking spaces and it drives like a suburban.

Our maiden voyage is to visit an old anesthetist buddy in south Texas in February.

Sounds like a blog!?

Uncle Hans


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