Saturday, August 4, 2012


By Uncle Hans
Who can remember "Boo Boo. I'm smarter than the average bear!"? Well, we have got a problem at our house. The trash pickup company has automated their business and issued us all these bright blue containers, so they can pick them up with a hydraulic lift on their trucks. To the bears, who have become plentiful around here, they look a lot like a "picnic basket".


My trash used to live in a wooden bin with a closing cover that was hinged. That system, while "bear-proof", is not compatible with the "new and improved" system that the garbage company imposed on us. Now, the bears go door to door, knocking these picnic baskets over and grazing. They leave a trail of stinky, sloppy garbage and you will never guess who has to pick it up.

Yup. Hans AKA "Ranger Rick"

Something needed to be done!

This is Bearstopper version 1.0. The handle of the trash bin is lifted up over the three screws and hooks on the wood that is attached to the garage wall, quite securely.     

Well, Yogi was smarter than that! He just knocked on the picnic basket a little harder until it jumped back over the three screws and fell over. Then Ranger Rick had to pick up sloppy stinky trash again...............


that lead directly to bearstopper version 2.0. This has a large hook that holds the handle and a large hinge flips down over the hook to hold the handle securely in place.


or maybe not. Damned Yogi!

That lead to bearstopper version 3.0. In this version, the hinge flips down over the large hook and a locking pin goes through the large hook making it IMPOSSIBLE ( I am almost certain) for Yogi to knock down the trash bin.


Now keep in mind that bearstopper must stop the bear, but NOT stop 100 lb Ranger Renee from being able to take the trash out to the road on trash morning. It must be what they call ingenious.....

For the last 6 weeks, Ranger Rick has not picked up any sloppy stinky trash. But I have a feeling that Yogi and BooBoo will not take this lying down.

I don't have Bearstopper 4.0 completely worked out on the drawing board, but keep in mind that Jake is an electrician and a switch in the garage could easily be flipped to send 110 volts through the picnic basket .......................and make for some singed paws!

I will keep you posted
Uncle Hans


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