Thursday, September 6, 2012


By Heather

No trip to the Mohave Valley would be complete without a trip to Oatman.The bar walls (ceiling, doorways and every other place people can find) in the hotel are covered with dollar bills people have signed. I did go in and try to find my dollar from previous visits but no luck.

oatman 035

I flew out here with my Nephew and his fiancée. My nephew has family in Vegas they were visiting and they were all going Oatman, so I went with.


oatman 029

This is Nettie, my nephew’s fiancée, checking out the burrows. This is her fist time in Oatman.


oatman 034

Here is my nephew, Justin, his first time here also.


oatman 041

We watched the gun fight and checked out all the shops.


I picked up 2 bags of the “old fashion” candy that mom likes, and apparently she is not the only one who likes it.

As I was trying to take pictures of the gun show I felt a tug on my arm. Well, the burrows ended up with the candy. One of them got hold of the bag and ate right through the bag holding the candy. It didn’t take long for them to get the candy package open .

oatman 039 They must have a great sense of smell because next thing I know I am surrounded by about 12 burrows all trying to get some candy. All you could smell was the anise as they enjoyed every bit of it, and I mean all of it…………some even ate the candy packaging!

One of the burrows started foaming at the mouth from eating the Lemon drops!

oatman 039-001

By Heather


Suzanne and Brad said...

Glad you enjoyed Oatman. It wasn't for us, but we know many people who have enjoyed their visit there. :-)