Monday, June 3, 2013

Trash Talk

By Uncle Hans

Renee's favorite sunning recliner finally gave up the ghost.  What to do?  it is too big for the trash bin, but a trip to the dump is nasty expen$ive, $75 the last time I went.  The trash pick-up is automated, the guys don't leave the truck.  So it does not pay to leave it at the curb with the trash.......


.......solution?  This little beast is a battery powered sawzall, will shred anything.  Like a hand held billy-goat....


.......this is what a sawzall will do to a chaise lounge in 3 minutes.......

......also, it helps to know someone who owns one and knows how to run it (oh, and meet Chase,the pup, the newest member of the family!).......



IMG_20130602_153015_670 it fits neatly into the trash bin.  We even recycled it because it was aluminum. 


The right tool for the right job!!

By Uncle Hans