Monday, June 29, 2015


 I read a lot of blogs that mention swag.  Seems that swag refers to the little goodies a person gets when they go to a gathering that has vendors.  You know stuff like pens, chip clips, that little stuff that has advertising on it.  In other words---free stuff.  Since I got a lot of free stuff in Wisconsin, I came to think of it as swag.



See all my free stuff??  The wine table and cutting board were made by my nephew, Lloyd.  The cutting board is so smooth and beautiful, I am reluctant to use it.  It has a stamp on the back stating that the wood came from the Viroqua gym floor.  Pretty cool, huh??  The large bottle of Jack was brought to me from Amy’s husband Daniel.  He is one of the most thoughtful people I know.  Next is two jars of tomato juice and a jar of pepper jelly.  These were made by my nephew, Todd.  He grows about 85 tomato plants and a number of pepper plants and cans them himself.  The plant hanger (looks like a large “J”) was made by my grandson, Greg.  It is made from welded chain.  Then we have limburger cheese, that Rex got from his brother.  That green thing is a cat toy Rex got.  The note cards were made by my 7 year old grandson, Randy.  And finally, two bottles of Wisconsin wine that Rex thought I needed.



To show how the wine table works I put a couple wineglasses and a bottle in it.  It has made me the envy of the neighborhood!!

I realize that I have a lot of really creative and talented people that I am related to……and I didn’t get any of those qualities.  What’s up with that?? 

Thank you all for the wonderful gifts, I  cherish them all.