Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The 15th Time

By Uncle Hans

Here is my car, parked next to the hospitalist's car.  She is a Nurse Practioner, Still wet behind the ears.  I am a general surgeon with 35 years experience. 


  Guess I got into the wrong line of work. 

Here is my car after I collected my 15th lifetime deer, the fourth with this car.  I just wiped out the whole front end a few years ago.  As I remember the insurance company considered totaling it then, but ended up sending out an adjuster and cutting me a check for about $2500.  I got my body shop buddy to fix it like new for $1200 and pocketed the $1300.

    This time they did total it.  Gave me $1300 for it but kept back the $500 deductible so the check was for $800......

I can't afford my body shop guy with only $800 so I called my junkyard guy, Bubba.  Bubba did the whole thing for $120, and I pocketed the $680.

     The way I see it, only 6 more deer crashes and the car loan will be paid off!!

By Uncle Hans


Anonymous said...

Well...I guess you do have the "Brains!" Lmfao!! BiLL And the car still runs like a deer I bet?!)