Saturday, April 30, 2016


When we bought the cabin last year it came with quite a few bears….bear lamps, bear pictures, bear soap dish… get the picture. They are all inside bears, so we thought we needed a bear for the outside too.

I have been dealing at the casino to a guy from Minnesota for several years.  His name is Hank and when he came to the casino and sat at my table I suddenly remembered that he is a chainsaw artist.  So I said “Hank, I am in the market for a bear……did you bring any with you this year?” 


He did and here is my blue eyed bear…… which I got at a GREAT price.

While we were at his shop selecting a bear, I saw an eagle with a snake in his talons….and mentioned it to Hank.  He was surprised that I said something about it because most women are turned off by the snake.

As we were leaving, Hank said “if you give me $10 for the eagle and snake, it’s yours….he’s been sitting here a long time so if you want it, I’d like to see it go.”  OK Hank you’ve got a deal!!


Here he is in all his glory watching over the deck.



As you can see, his beak is not right….in fact our friends The Hunter’s, think he looks like a buzzard.  Oh well whatever he is, he’s grown on us and has found a great home in the White Mountains of Arizona!!


Mary Knapp said...

kEnjoy the pictures.