Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Green Bay

By Uncle Hans

Renee recently got the hankering to go to Green Bay in search of something interesting to do.  Neil got us all tickets to a stand up comedian and reservations at a great restaurant.  We had a great time.  but the funniest thing that happened had nothing to do with stand up comedy.  We made reservations to stay at a hotel, since this was like a "date night" for us.  I chose the hotel near Neil's where we stayed for Laura's wedding.  Remember?  With the pool/hot tub?

     So we drove over there and went to check in.  The girl behind the desk was some sort of retard who could not find our reservation and seemed confused.  "Did you make a reservation for dinner, you mean?"  We went back and forth to try to figure out what had happened to our reservation.


.......finally, she meekly offered, "maybe you aren't where you think you are...."  I looked around the lobby and, something WAS wrong, but I could not put my finger one it.  So she said, " this is an assisted living facility......your hotel is across the street!"   She didn't have to actually say "dumbass!!"  it was written all across her face.



.....Somebody had some cool sculptures in their yard nearby and we had to stop for some pictures....




....the rest of the visit was fun, and funny, like this sculpture, but nowhere near as funny as our hotel experience.  After we ended our night at the Getaway and were driving back to the Hotel, we seriously considered checking into the assisted living instead.  There were a lot of pleasantly confused folks there.......


     ........and we would fit right in!

By Uncle Hans