Thursday, April 13, 2017

My Birthday

Ok, I know my birthday was a week ago, but I wanted to show everyone the birthday present I got myself.  I was in a jewelry store, of all places, in January and saw a piece of art made out of horseshoes.   I have been thinking about it since I saw it in January, so I decided to buy it for myself for my birthday.


Isn’t it the cutest horseshow butterfly you have every seen???  I’m thinking about painting the antennas with florescent paint.  What do you think??


A little unexpected development…..this beautiful, colorful, horseshoe owl showed in the jewelry store.   What the hell…it’s my birthday and I want him too!!!  Isn’t he cool??


Don’t want anyone to think that all I do is shop, so here is a picture of my winter painting project….the picture does not do it justice and it was my first use of stencils.  I will use them again.  It was fun and I liked the result.


Mikey said...

Very cool grandma Jack enjoy your summer