Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Last Game

By Uncle Hans

I finally got the pictures from the last game, it was against Finlandia on Saturday November 4th.  We had lost to Finlandia about a month earlier by one touchdown. We had made too many mistakes and had 90 yards of penalties. We were so itching for the rematch!


We had a much better day. We made fewer mistakes and our running game just ground down Finlandia. Our number 22, Zach Marengo, had a really great game as running back, tackling people on defense, and even quarterback occasionally. The final score of our last game was 41 to 14 and will be a lasting and sweet memory of the 2017 Lions football season.


In spite of valiant efforts by our football Department, I never got permission to play. So I spent the game walking the sidelines and enjoyed every minute.


At halftime they had a nice ceremony for the seniors who were playing their last game. The school awarded them their jerseys in a nice frame for all their hard work.



I was shocked when they called me over to join the ceremony at the last minute as a surprise. They unexpectedly extended that same honor to me because it was my last game.......


But the biggest and most pleasant shock for me was the appearance of my brother Neil and our mutual friend Don. They had driven all the way from Green Bay in a snowstorm so bad that they drove 20 miles an hour for a while and could not find a hotel room until 1:30 a.m. because of all the stranded travelers. It was quite an honor for me because it was Parents / Senior Day and my parents were, ........well, ........unable to attend.


I apologize for the delay in this blog but it took me a few days to collect these pictures from other people who graciously sent them to me to use.

    I am settling back into the life of a rural general surgeon. This morning I did a laparoscopic cholecystectomy on a 75 year old woman. Both the patient and the doctor did well, thankfully.

    This is probably the last football blog for a while. This project has been a success for me personally, but the book will only be as successful as the publicity the football has generated. So far that is nearly zero. I and others have contacted multiple TV stations, newspapers, and other publications.NOT ONE has shown the slightest interest. Seems to me like the oldest man in history to play college football at the smallest college in America with a team, would make a great story. So if any of you loyal followers has any ideas on press publicity, please feel free to make that contact. I would very much appreciate your help, as I have appreciated your following. 



N. Hans Rechsteiner MD FACS

Spooner, Wisconsin


Now you can go back to the beginning of the story and catch up on what you've missed so far including all the pictures. CLICK HERE



Unknown said...

Thanks Hans! I've really enjoyed following your football career. I think it sucks they wouldn't let you play. Can't imagine you'd destroy the league by causing an influx of geriatrics pushing the kids off the field. Just reading about your workouts gave me back pains. Very glad Neil and Don made the game. Wish I could have been there. Now get back to work. The world needs highly skilled surgeons too!

norm said...

Did you "insure" your hands, just in case you got an injury and couldn't do surgery anymore?

Anonymous said...

Having trouble reaching you. The number you gave me is no good. I'm calling your office on Monday and leaving a message. Get back to me. I'm back in the OR.....

Anonymous said...

Thanks Michael. It was sure fun to see them there. Now I'm back at work....m