Sunday, February 25, 2018

Weather Warning

By Uncle Hans

Two identical and beautiful 6-inch snows in 48 hours.  It had been a "dryer" than usual year, but now we have caught up.  First thing to do is to go to happy hour at  Snag's.



Happy hour, Friday afternoon

6 inches of fresh powder

fresh grooming

Beautiful sunny day

unlimited horsepower

This may be a combination that is more fun than is recommended for someone our age!!


......the next thing to do is to blow the snow .......TWICE.  But I enjoy it and pretty much do the whole neighborhood.  There is getting to be a lack of space to stack the damned stuff....


...........the last thing to do is sit by the fire with a cold Milwaukee's Best Light and feel sorry for all my friends in Florida, Texas, Hawaii, Las Vegas, and Arizona because they miss this....


Uncle Hans