Friday, February 1, 2019

Retirement Update

It’s been about six weeks since I retired so guess I’ll give an update.

First things first, I had to set a morning routine. I’ve settled into a 10 PM bedtime and 6 AM rising time. I must admit that part of the reason this is my time frame is because AZ has decided that he eats at 6:15 AM SHARP! Those hours work for me because I love the early morning hours. Another decision I have made about my schedule is that I don’t really want to go any place before noon. I truly love having the whole morning to do what I like to do to start my day and I don’t have to hurry to do them.

So, what have I done?? We went hiking in the Grand Canyon, (before the government shutdown), went hiking at Death Valley, (also before the government shutdown). We have been hiking on Fremont Street-more than once. Hiking the strip-also more than once. We have been to Vegas 4 times. Rex really likes Vegas!

On the home front, I have redone a landscape project from years ago. I also am working on refurbishing a drawer cupboard for storage. I’ve got the painting done, but the countertop isn’t finished yet, probably because I am not yet sure of what I want to do with it.

I also decided to clean out my filing cabinet for the first time. It was like going through a treasure chest. I found my original birth certificate in the envelope with a date on it of June 13, 1950. That was cool. I also threw away enough paper to reconstruct a tree. AND my closets look organized and neat.

Bottom line-we are staying busy and active! Love it!


Anonymous said...

Finding something to do is a problem for me. But it sounds OK for you. Good luck!