Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Where Is A Camera When You Need It!!

Yesterday morning I got up early to meet a lady in Riverside Park to go for a hike. I haven't been to Riverside Park for several years and had no idea of the cool improvements they have made. Also the American Queen paddle boat was docked there. It is a huge paddle boat with three decks of staterooms. As I said..;.wish I would have had the camera to take some pictures!!
They have put in an international garden that represents the four "sister" cities that La Crosse has. The garden is divided into four sections representing the cities that are located in Russia, China, Germany, and France.....again wish I would have had the camera, the different gardens were really beautiful.

The hiking trail has also been vastly improved since the last time I was on it. It is now paved and you can connect on it all the way to Granddad Bluff which would be a very long hike. We went as far as Lang Drive which was a two mile round trip hike. It was really beautiful!!

The hot and muggy weather is now gone and it is down right COLD and windy. Not liking that much. The warm weather was much more enjoyable. I talked to Rex last night and he is now in the desert and in short weather again. I told him about our weather downturn....he wasn't sympathetic. Today he is going to Parumph which is about 40 miles from where he stopped last night and will be camped there until Friday when he goes the rest of the way to Bullhead City. I am sure tomorrow night he will have a much anticipated visit with Paulie.

Last night I had a nice visit with my friend Rosie. She used to babysit for me when my children were I have known her for a long, long time. Always nice to catch up with old friends!!

This morning Heather and I are going shopping at the mall. Then I am heading back to Mt. Hope for a day or two.. Still have few things to get crossed off my list....