Thursday, November 13, 2008

Mt. Ida, Wisconsin

I grew up in rural Wisconsin as I am sure anyone that reads this blog has already figured out. There are many things about Wisconsin and it's people I like. One of which is the basic honesty of most Wisconsinites.

This sign saying "Self Serve" is one of the may examples I really love.

The Lefflers that run this stand are truly a trusting family--and it must work for them as I have seen this stand many times and it has always been self service.

Of course there is a place for cash for your purchases and it does have a lock on it.......trustfulness is one thing....stupidity is quite another!!

As you can see, they off quite a selection!

Only in Mt. Ida, Wisconsin....gotta love it!!


Anonymous said...

next time you go here i wanna tag along....looks good!