Thursday, April 30, 2009


On yesterday's blog Rex wrote about our "fan/swamp cooler". There is picture of me bending down and pointing to the label.

This is the label I was pointing at and particularly the words "Made in U.S.A." When we were at Home Depot looking for a portable fan swamp cooler there were three choices. Two were made in China and one had the "Made in U.S.A. label. Once I saw that label, my buying decision was made. But in all reality it was not my decision to make...Rex was the guy with the debit card so I had to "sell" my reasons to him. Wasn't hard once I explained how I felt about domestic products.

These four words "Made in the U.S.A." have taken on a new and important meaning for me. In these times, I really try to have those words on everything I buy. Why would I spend money on products that do not support my country, my fellow Americans, and our way of life?? As I grow older I find that most of the world doesn't like Americans, even though we are the first country to respond with money and necessities after any and all disasters. Buying products made in China was curtailed when it became public they were using lead based paint to paint children's toys. Why would I buy products made in a country that was preying on our most vulnerable citizens -children?

I am the first to admit that is sure isn't easy to buy American made have to look long and hard. And if you want clothes, you might just as well forget it, but in my opinion, anywhere but China is my next choice!!

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Anonymous said...

Just a head ups on "Made in USA"...Alot of the products have been shipped in from other countries and all we had to do here in this country is to put a piece on it and now you can SLAP the "made in USA" on it!! Do the research of the MANUFACTURE!!! The Gov't needs to stop this kind of manipulation! We the people need to be stronger and smarter than ever before! God bless