Thursday, April 9, 2009

Tea Dancing

A few weeks ago we stumbled across "Tea Dancing". What is it?? Tea Dancing is held in a small bar with a really nice dance floor on the second floor of the Riverside Casino in Laughlin. Don't know for sure, but I think it is called Tea Dancing because it is between 2 and 5 on Sunday afternoons and that coincides with "Tea Time" in England. They do a variety of dances including cha cha, two step, waltz, and tango.

The couple here are the hosts/singers. They both have beautiful voices and do a really good job. The music is recorded not a live band.

It was really hard to get good pictures of the dancers...they are in constant motion after all!

Of all the pictures I took, these two were the only ones that were halfway suitable but do not at all represent how entertaining and beautiful these dancers are to watch. Usually the dance floor was a lot more crowded. Most of the ladies had on beautiful "dancing shoes", the favorite seems to be sequined sliver strappy heels although I saw a beautiful pair of gold ones. I tried to get pictures but they were all too blurry. I also noticed that most of them took their dancing shoes off and changed into other shoes at the end of the dance. A lot of the ladies sitting in the audience cool themselves with fans, watching tea dancing truly hearkens back to a bygone era!!

I would like to share a few of my observations about tea dancing. There is always at least one "show off" couple, although here there were more than like two or three. Most of the dancers, I would guess, are in their mid 70s.....some older and some a little younger. I also saw very few overweight dancers......dancing appears to be good for physical health. Another item missing in a roomful of people in this age group was portable oxygen tanks...something I see a lot of in the casino.

When Kathy was here she said she had always heard that couples that "dance together stay together". I like that sentiment and that sounds right.......Rex, can I have this dance??