Tuesday, March 30, 2010

One Fantastic Day Off Part One

I started the day with my co-worker (and friend) Cindy.  She and I met at the KOA by the AVI Casino.  A lady that has come to our casino the last several winters is camped there.  She invited Cindy and I to come to her motor home this morning.

She looks 50 but is at least 72.  She is petite, blonde, and vivacious.  What an admirable lady she is ………and lady is completely the proper word.

She is also a talented wire wrapper.  Her jewelry is incredible and it is fun to see what she is wearing whenever she comes to play.  But today she invited Cindy and me to a private showing of her pieces. 

032910 010

These are the two pieces I ended up with…I wish I could take a picture to do them justice.  She had many wonderful pieces and I would love to own several of them, but for now I will settle for these two.

Tomorrow, more about my day off……….lunch is up next!!