Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Mouse In The House

By Susie-Q

I was nearly excommunicated from the camper last week when Mary came face to face with a MOUSE, and it wasn’t my fault!!!

The Mouse entered the trailer by squeezing in along the kitchen plumbing pipes in the bottom of the trailer.  Rex says there is a false bottom on the outside of the trailer which prevents him from stuffing steel wool along these pipes to keep the mice out.

The Mouse arrived inside the lower kitchen cupboards.  I laid on the kitchen floor all day and could hear it moving around exploring.  The Mouse made it’s way up into the stove top and I changed my sentry position to the counter by the stove top.  I saw it !! Wow, Wow, a  nice big juicy one !!!

That evening I couldn’t contain myself and whispered in Rex’s ear that there was a big juicy Mouse under the stove top.  That Asshole Rex couldn’t keep a secret and blabbed to Mary about a Mouse …..

Mary freaks out, walks across the kitchen and lifts the stove top to look…..
It was mayhem. Mary was face to face with the  big, juicy, beady eyed mouse. I was cursed, yelled at, blamed, and I thought for a minute she was going to sock me.  Mary screamed, “I want it out !!!”, and I wasn’t sure if she was yelling about me, the mouse, Rex or all three of us being kicked out.

I crawled on my knees, over to the laughing Asshole Rex to plead for mercy and help. Rex got out the mouse traps and peanut butter, and the Mouse went out with the morning garbage.

It could be a long summer Mouse season, and I hope that Mary and I both survive.

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Rod and Loyce Ivers said...

Ah, bring back the snakes,,,,Maybe!!

Sarah said...

I don't blame Mary, mice are the grossest creatures alive! What kind of trap did you use? If I actually don't own a mouse trap and I should probably get one in case I have an infestation. This one seals the mouse so I would never have to see it again; sounds good to me!