Friday, November 5, 2010

Ducky Dice

By Uncle Hans

We don't have the casinos, or the glamour, or the glitz in Spooner.  But sometimes it gets so quiet in the bar that we break out a game they call "Ducky Dice" and I have no idea why.

Everyone crowds around the pool table (Is it my imagination or does it start to look like a craps table?)  You start with three dollars and you shake one die for each of the dollars you have in front of you.  If you shake a 4 you pass a dollar to the right.  If you shake a 6 you pass to the left.  If you shake a 5 you put a dollar in the middle or pot.  If you shake a 1 or 2 or 3 you pass the dice to the next and do nothing else.

When you have no dollars left you don't shake, but you are not out because someone could pass money to you.  Winner of the pot is the player with the last dollar in front of them.


.....someone invariably spills their drink on the pool table..............


.......the other crazy thing we do is called "Hobo dinner"  where they throw a bunch of fix'ins into a garbage can and cook it for several hours.  Usually during a Packer game.  doesn't Renea look excited to eat out of a garbage can?.................


Uncle Hans