Friday, November 12, 2010


 It’s pomegranate time here.  I know that because they have suddenly appeared in the grocery stores and are cheap enough to buy.

pom 001

Isn’t it pretty??

pom 002

 Lucky for me it came with directions!

pom 003

The first step is to cut off the top.  See those membrane lines going from the center to the edge?

pom 004

 You cut sections along those lines.

pom 005

 Then, using a spoon you scoop the seeds into a bowl of water.  The seeds, which is what you eat, sink to the bottom and the white membrane floats which makes it easier to scoop it out for disposal.

pom 006

This is the container of seeds that I ended up with.  As you can see, this is a somewhat messy process but I like them so it isn’t a big deal.

A lot of the people we work with say that when they were kids growing up in California, pomegranates grew wild and they could just  pick them up and take them home. Although most thought they were just too much work and messy.  Now that they are said to be healthy and have become expensive, they seem to be more in demand.  Go figure!

rass 017