Friday, February 17, 2012


By Uncle Hans 

Outfitting!   A "new" RV calls for outfitting or rigging.  So off to Walmart we went with a long list that got longer as we waded through their RV and camping sections  These are some of the bags that came home with us, with more added in subsequent trips.  The Rialta has a trunk, which needs filling............


2012-02-03-14.39.57 fill it we will.  Tool kit, 12volt inflator, potable water hose, camping chairs, window washing fluid, and on and on.  I moved the "poop chute" from the trunk to the special storage port in the generator bay.........





  ..... speaking of "poop chute", I was amazed at a feature this late model Rialta has that the earlier models did not.  This outside wash station with hot and cold water and a showerhead.  It is located on the opposite side from the door, which I thought was strange.  Wouldn't you need it near the door so you could hose off your feet?  Well, when you drop the showerhead and it hits the lands next to the grey and black waste outlet!
    Now I get the location!




..............We are rigging in the special RV stall in the garage, but the temp is usually about 45 degrees.  Renee enjoyed finding a place for each and every thing.  I didn't have the heart to tell her that the hair blower won't work unless we are parked and plugged into 110 or the generator is running............



  ..........Renee thought it would be fun to have Chex Mix from her mother-in-law Bert's recipe. So she made up a couple large batches to munch on for the trip to Texas ............


  .....then we got a really hair-brained idea.  Let's take our parakeet, Tinker, on our maiden voyage.  That will take more rigging, but we got a cage and filled it with stuff for him to play with.  Of course, his playground has to go along, too......


2012-02-11-12.16.46 the trunk is full.  Or, rather, as full as it gets.  One advantage to driving is you can buy some wild souvenirs if you so choose.  In Florida we bought a flowering cactus and a 50lb concrete sea turtle.  So you need to leave a little trunk space......

    More on the Texas shakedown cruise after we get back ...................

By Uncle Hans


Anonymous said...

Hey Uncle Hans...I think you should trade that in for a 45' Prevost with all the stuff you have loaded so're not even out of the driveway......
Have fun!!!