Tuesday, February 28, 2012

South Texas

By Uncle Hans

  .........we visited our friends, Ed and Judy the first aft/evening and went out to eat, catching up on all the news in the medical world (Ed is a "retiring" anesthetist whom I worked with for 30 years).


  The next day we went the 5 miles to Mexico and went shopping. 

       No, I successfully resisted the urge to buy this gorgeous sombrero, but we succumbed to this ceramic wall hanging.  We have been looking for something to fill a big blank space on the brick wall facing the lake at home.................


   ......The next day we started the long trip back.  Renee quickly came to enjoy the RV lifestyle.  She crocheted.


She napped.  She spent a couple of hours with the local newspaper and enjoyed the real estate section.  She snacked and made sandwiches for me.  She played with the bird............


By Uncle Hans