Saturday, September 29, 2012

Bear Hunting Season

By Uncle Hans

It's bear season in Wisconsin! The other night, Renee was alone at home as I was out doing surgery. She walked out into the sun porch and was confronted with a large bear, about 15 feet away, and only a thin pane of glass separating. It was a moment!!

A few days later, the neighbors (actually, it was Jason's Uncle Joe) shot a bear. It was not Renee's bear, it was taken miles from here. They called us over for a "photo-op"

Here are a few pictures. Renee thought the bear needed bright red nail polish. The hunters were intent on finding the slug, which in this case was a copper shotgun slug. I didn't know one used a shotgun for bear, but they reminded me that they were from downstate where the law mandates shotguns for safety reasons (in deer season) and that they had gotten used to the weapon and were comfortable using it on bear......





By Uncle Hans