Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A Walk In The Park

 Rex mentioned recently that our RV park had changed hands.  The new owner has surprisingly made quite a few improvements so I decided to take a walk in the park with the camera to show some of them.


foot 001 New chairs on the cement slab in front of the office.  I have never actually sat in one but they look comfortable.

foot 002

 A very nice shaded seating area.  I think a lot of the residents find this a nice gathering area….not me but others.  (comes down to my “loner” tendencies)

foot 003

 They have done a lot of landscaping work here.  Because I am such a terrible photographer, you can’t tell tell how cool these plants are but you get the idea I hope!

foot 004

 More landscaping, the palms are new and at the entrance .  This view is leaving the park.  Another thing they did was re-blacktop the roads which they desperately needed.

foot 007

 Sorry for all the plant pictures but it so amazing to me that they have taken the trouble to actually landscape.  I love the way they all look.

foot 008

 The previous owner said we would have a pool in this area “eventually”….guess not!

foot 009

 This area they cleaned up, put in the grills, shading fabric, and picnic tables for residents to entertain if they so desire.  They also repainted all the tables.

foot 011

 All of the street signs were redone and the streets went from letters (A, B, C, etc) to Western states.  We now live on Idaho Way.

foot 012

Our little piece of heaven???  I can’t help it, I wish I took better pictures because our site looks a lot better that this.  Oh well that is today’s “walk in the park”.