Saturday, February 22, 2014


By Uncle Hans

The problem is becoming:  "Where the Hell do we put all this snow!!"  Got another 12 inches last night.  It has become what we call a "bandana year" .  That is where the snowbanks are so high that you cannot see other cars approaching the intersection, so people tie a bandana on their radio antennae.....




In my own driveway, the blower will no longer throw the snow over the bank so it just runs back down on the driveway.  And it is only  February.  March is often the snowiest month here.  And last year, if you remember the blog, we had a lot of snow in April, even May!!......




The last picture here shows the problem corner I have......nowhere to throw the snow anymore...




.........these last two shots are interesting.  One from inside the bathroom showing snow covering the window and obscuring almost all the view from a 6 foot high window.  The last picture is of the gas furnace "chimney/air intake".  With these new-fangled high efficiency gas furnaces, the air in and the air out travel in the same pipe.  If this gets covered with snow, the intake gets clogged.  Then the fire burns poorly, with less oxygen, then it makes carbon monoxide, then it senses the problem and shuts the whole thing down.  Very safe, but bad news if you are trying to stay warm!!  I have to dig this thing out so it can breathe well every few days.





  Renee just looks out the window and watches the calendar for which month she will next venture outdoors.  Her toes are froze just looking out the window.....

By Uncle Hans