Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Birding Center and Dolphin Watch

The SPI vacation for the Besl Bunch is underway.  We went to the Birding and Nature Center Monday morning. 



Waiting to go into the building……they are looking a turtles, fish, and butterflies in a pond.  The landscaping around the building is really beautiful.



Not sure but I think this is a crane????



Not sure here either but I am guess a blue crab.



Then we went on a sunset dolphin watch cruise and ran into this shrimp boat.


DSCN3508 (2)

This guy was kind enough to show us some moves…and it was fantastic!!



Dolphins are playful and we were lucky enough to watch.



We are traveling about 15 MPH here and the dolphins are “running” along with us.  According to the Captain, this is for dolphins as surfing is for humans and they love it.  The Captain said we were lucky they were so active for us.  Guess we all figured out their behavior wasn’t an every cruise occurrence when he grabbed his camera and started taking pictures of them.  At one point we had 7 dolphins running with us.  We were really lucky!!



The Besl’s enjoyed the day and so did Rex and I.