Friday, October 2, 2015

Miller Lite Vs Milwaukee’s Best

By Uncle Hans

Recently, Laura and Neil visited Spooner.  We had pizza at Uncle Mike's.


Once we got home we got into an argument about the quality of second label beer.   Rex and I drink second label beer, namely Miller's Milwaukee's best.  I happened to have an actual Miller Lite in the fridge and so we had Laura pour out some samples and mark them with numbers (she kept the secret code.....)



.......It took a while to set it all up so we argued away the time.........




.....Hannah, Neil and I were the testers. 


     Surprise!!   Hannah picked the beers right and Neil and I failed.  We feel this demonstrates that there is no difference between Miller Lite and Milwaukee's Best ...................except the $5 per case difference!!

By Uncle Hans


Michael Wilcox said...

How many beers did you guys drink before testing began?