Wednesday, May 17, 2006


By Mary
Custom Smiley This goes in the "now I've seen everything" category. A vehicle passed us yesterday with the following sign on it. "Poopy Scoopers" "Dog Waste Removal--So You Don't Have To"---- Talk about finding a niche and filling it!

Carson City is the state capital and has an interesting historic district. On Sunday, we decided to go and see the "Talking Houses", they are houses built in the late 19th century by silver Baron's, lumber Baron's, and other rich people. The reason it is called the talking house tour is because you tune the radio to an AM station and a recording about each house is aired. It was probably a really good idea at one time but the recording are really old and don't always work, but we really did enjoy the tour and the walk. One of the houses is the current governor's mansion.

So far today has been a cleaning day, vacuuming, shaking out the rugs, washing the light fixtures, and working on washing the ceiling. Oh and we are also baking sweat potato bread. It is Rex's favorite, I sure hope it turns out cuz we have problems baking bread in high altitudes. Oh and the bread turned out fine. I'll get this hight altitude stuff down yet!

We still want to go to Yosemite so we thought maybe Monday. Rex went to the California DOT website to see if the road has been opened. Nope and, in fact, last year it wasn't opened until June 24...guess it will be a while before we see Yosemite. Something else I didn't realize is Yosemite National Park is the size of the state of Rhode Island.