Friday, August 28, 2009


By Susie-Q

My cat curiosity has always wondered about the outside, especially when the Happy Campers are sitting outside enjoying an evening cocktail.  I take up my station inside the screen door and whine.  It doesn’t do much, neither one of them can hear for shit.

Imagine my surprise when they put a harness and leash on me and took me OUTSIDE with them!!  To make a long story short, I’ve had a total of three different harnesses, all of which I’ve slipped out of.  One thing I taught the Happy Campers is that a black cat at night is invisible!

It’s my weakness for those yummy cat treats, and the shaking of their container that always brings me running back. 

The other evening, Rex leaned over and unhooked my leash from his lawn chair and just let me wander off.  I had a great time wandering around camp, even if I had to drag the 10 foot leash along with me. I found my old blue water dish and got a drink, and a huge pile of sand where I relieved myself.

I checked out under the trailer, under the Honda, under the pick-up, and even climbed up the mountain out back. 

I love  the OUTSIDE !!!


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Karen and Al said...

Please be VERY careful with the cat. Once they get a taste of being outside they want out all the time and will dart out the door when you least expect it. We have found it better to never let them out so they don't know what they are missing and are frightened by the outside.

I've seen too many campgrounds that are over run by feral cats, which probably was started by one or 2 cats escaping.

Please be careful.