Friday, August 7, 2009

Vegas Bound Again!!

Once again we are going to Vegas for our days off.  This week we are going to be visiting with Rex’s daughter Amy.  She is stopping off in Vegas on her way home from a meeting in Salt Lake City.  Sure will be great to see her.  An added bonus for Amy will be seeing her brother, Paul.  I think it will be her first chance to visit with him in 22 months.  And her Mother is flying in also---a real family get together.

Amy doesn’t like gambling but really enjoys shows so our goal will be securing show tickets.  Don’t know what ones we will score but I am sure that will be the topic of an upcoming blog.

The economy or something has finally caught up with our casino.  Business has be measurably slower the last week or two.  As a result I only got four days on the schedule this week, but because I had 39 hours last week, I am subject to being “forced out”.  Tonight (Thursday) I got forced with only 4 hours. OUCH!!  Am hoping things get better soon!!!

No blog is complete without a “Susie Update”.  She is endlessly entertaining.  I am glad we got a kitten rather than a mature cat because she is so funny and she is growing up to adapt to our lifestyle.  White men might not be able to jump but Susie sure can!!

susie 001


squawmama said...

Good Morning... Ran across your blog this morning and LOVED it. We are full timers for 5+ years now and are currently in Hot Springs, Arkansas. I am adding you to my favorites and hope you will come by to visit me too...

Have Fun & Safe Travels
Donna & Ralph